My name is Tobias Persson, 33 years old, living in Växjö southern part of Sweden with my family.

Ever since I was young, I have been doing fly fishing and tried to create my own flies with no greater success. In 2011, I decided to start tying flies again and polish my skills as an angler. I have always had a huge eye towards the Irish Lough Flies especially Irish Mayflies but never really had the guts to try them for real until november 2015.

Irish flies is my biggest passion in life I just love to tie them, they are great fishing flies for both rivers and loughs as well as they are a beauty to look at! I tie flies as much as I can but I guess most time spent at the vise is the darker month of the year. Most of the flies I am tying tend to look Irish, whether pattern or style. I enjoy tying flies in company of other tiers, and I always seek greater knowledge, as I am eager to learn more. Going to new places, meeting new people and exploring the universe of fly tying is something I think is great fun.

As an angler river fishing for wild brown trout lays very deep in to my heart. Standing at the river and hearing the water run is a joy I can not put in to words. I just love tying my flies on to the leader and swing them out there and maybe, maybe there’s a trout waiting!

Tight lines!

Tobias Persson, Sweden

Fly Fly Fly
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