I`m 40 years old and live in a place called Raufoss in Norway. I`m married, have 2 sons and a stephson. Born and raised in a valley close to Norways largest lake, Mjøsa.

In my childhood, fishing was my prime interest.

I started fishing alone at the age 8, and began fly tying when I was 12.

Fishing for brown trout is my passion and that`s reflect in my fly tying. By tying dry flies, nymphs and streamers, I imitate what the trout eat, both over and under the surface.

It`s important to me that the flies have a lot of life and movement. I built in these materials as CDC, different types of hair and stripped peacock quills.

Through the years I`ve learned one thing, I never stop learning! That`s the benefit of participating at the fairs, get to connect with new people, share and learn.

Do you want to see more of my flies? Instagram: royole77

Fly Fly Fly
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