I am a member of the Northwest Atlantic Salmon Fly Guild (NWASFG) in Issaquah, WA. and have been tying since attending the ASFI 2014 (Atlantic Salmon Fly International) show in the Seattle area.

I’ve always been a creative person – I am a graphic designer and enjoy working with colors, textures, detail and the selection of materials. I sketch out every fly in detail and to the size of the hook I will be using – it helps me pay attention to proportion and how each piece will be shaped or curved. In my mind, I am able to walk through the steps of tying and think about the process before I sit down at the vise. The sketches are an aspect of tying that greatly helped me to improve. I always had a sketch to compare actual proportions to. As I began to settle into tying, it was the Atlantic Salmon Fly that intrigued me and held my fascination. I tie many Classics and appreciate their beauty, balance and proportion, but also enjoy spreading my wings into the Creative Salmon Fly arena where I can experiment with some of the more exotic feathers.

My club members presented me with the 2015 “Most Improved Fly Dresser Award”, a beautiful framed plate of Blacker Ghost Fly #2’s, tied by club members. It was an honor and wonderful highlight of my first year of tying.

I was invited as both a tyer and presenter at ASFI 2016, which our club hosted in Seattle. I presented a seminar on how I improved so quickly and some of the milestones of my first year or two of tying. I will also be tying again at ASFI 2018 next June in Miramichi, New Brunswick. I am on the Pro Staffs for Lagartun, Ltd and Wasatch.

The Irish Fly Fair in Galway is another show I highly anticipate, having been among the tyers in 2016 and 2017.

My classic and artistic fly tying was recently featured in the Winter 2016 issue of H20 Magazine (Italy) with an article and pictoral.

2017 will also find me traveling to Fairbanks, Alaska as a guest tyer in October. I was honored to be asked by the Loyal Order of Subarctic Tyers to visit their club and demo my tying.

I look forward to being among the tyers at the British Fly Fair International in February!

Fly Fly Fly
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