My name is Andre Miegies and I am from the Netherlands were I live right in the middle.

I fish for my entire life and the last 35 years of it with the fly. I started flytying because buying flies was too expensive and not good available too.

Flyfishing and flytying became a big part of my life and I still enjoy every second of it. I love to tie flies for predator fish, pike and perch fishing is what I do the most in the Netherlands. Classic salmonflies, seatrout flies and everything in between, I just love tying flies. It is so cool to create something that lets you mislead a fish.

I have demonstrate my tying on a lot of shows arround the globe ( 10 diverend countries I think) and hope there will be some more. On the BFFI this year I will be tying Baltic seatrout flies and streamers for perch. Hope to see you there, if you want to know more just drop a line to [email protected]

All the best

Andre Miegies
The Netherlands

Fly Fly Fly
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