Fly Tying in Focus Theatre – Saturday and Sunday
11:00-12:00 Pete Smith  Imitative Grayling Flies for Autumn and Winter
12:00-13:00 Chris Watson  Tying the Chironomid Life Cycle
13:00-14:00 Paul Little  Simple Classics
14:00-15:00 Johan Put  Foam Dry Flies
15:00-16:00 Dr Malcolm Greenhalgh  Tying Spiders Properly!

16:00 Saturday Only – Charity Auction in aid of Izaak Waltons Cottage

Fly Fair Forum – Saturday and Sunday

12:00-13:00 Jonny Stephenson Kayak Fishing for Bass off the Sussex Coast
13:00-14:00 Dominic Garnett Fly Fishing for Coarse Fish
14:00:15:00 Dave Southall Tenkara – The Equipment and Presentational Advantages
15:00-16:00 John Tyzack & Dean Andrews The Evolution of Nymph Fishing


AAPGAI Casting Programme – Saturday & Sunday

20 minute demonstrations (10 mins changeover time)

10:30  Clive Mitchelhill – Casting Styles
11:00  Vic Knight – The Benefits of the Roll Cast
11:30  Bas de Bruin & Sepp Fuchs – Syncronised Casting
12:00  Martyn Armstrong – Chalkstream Techniques
13:30  Lee Cummings – Line Tension & Efficient Casting
14:00  Paul Little –  Spey Casting Styles
14:30  Jim Fearn – Different Lines in Modern Day Salmon Fishing
15:00  Illtyd Griffiths – Casting for Sea Trout
15:30  Neil Truelove & Karl Humphries – Grips, Stances and Anchor Points with a Double Hander
16:00  Tony Riley & Paul Proctor – An Approach to River Casts

There will also be four/five casting lanes where the general public can come along and spend time with an AAPGAI Instructor learning or improving their fly casting techniques. The cost of this will be £10.00 for a 20 minute session. Please come and register at the AAPGAI Casting Clinic Stand.


Casting in the Italian Style with Massimo Magliooco and his team

Saturday and Sunday
first demonstration 10:30 (20 minutes like last year)
second demonstration 14:30

first from 11:00 to 12:00
second from 15:00 to 16:00

If you are interested you can sign up free of charge by sending an email to with your full name or you can sign up directly at our stand during the show., the demos and courses will take place in the Sheep Ring next to the casting area.

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