I started fishing 45 odd years ago on a small burn outside East Kilbride in Lanarkshire and soon after started fly tying. I progressed to fishing the Clyde and its tributaries for many years, so I’m a real devotee of the Clyde style of flies. I enjoy tying them and am constantly astonished by their sparseness. simplicity and fish catching ability. Sadly they are not as well know as they should be and I would like to give them a wider audience.

Since moving from Lanarkshire I have done a lot more Loch fishing and fly tying particularly Bumble/Palmer style flies which, though traditional, can be updated with modern materials to improve their fish catching abilities.

Recently I have been dipping a toe in the salt and tying patterns for Sea Trout, Mackerel and Pollock.

I’ve recently retired after 30 years as a schoolteacher during which time I taught fishing & fly tying to my pupils as well as demonstrating at various events.To aid this I have passed the APGAI level Fly tying assessment as well as passing GAIA and FFF casting assessments .

I’m looking forward to tying at the BFFI so please stop by for a chat.



Fly Fly Fly
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