Hello,In the next couple paragraphs I will try to introduce myself, including my passion for fly fishing and fly tying.I’m Martin Stout from The Netherlands, born in 1979 and with my lovely girlfriend Jacomar I live near Rotterdam in the Netherlands. After several years of “normal” fishing, I started fly fishing in the years I attended the University of Delft (graduated in 2004). Friends of mine where fishing with the fly for pike and always caught more pike then I did, which I did not find very amusing. Of course, fishing is not always about catching fish but much more about the surroundings, however once in a while catching a fish is nice too.In the early years, I obtained my flies from the same friends that seduced me to fly fishing however I wanted to understand and experiment more with flies and decided to tie my own flies. With a little help from my friends, I taught myself to tie my own pike flies around the year 2001. I never could have imagined than that fly fishing and fly tying would have this much impact on my life as it is right now.In the year 2004 I joined with the fly fishing club of Spijkenisse (VVC Spijkenisse www.vliegvissen.com). Recently (2007), I went into the tying board of our club and by now I am one of the fly tying teachers in our club. I am also active on the internet the nice thing about this is that it resulted in a lot of friend all over the country, and in the future maybe even all over the world. In august 2007 I tied my flies on the fair for hunting and fishing in Elverum Norway.I think I do not have a real specialty in fly tying, other than “to go with the flow”.  I just tie the fly I fancy when I am behind my vice. Personally, I think tying with hare’s hair and cdc is very nice. I have seen this on the site off Jean Paul Dessainge (www.jpdessaigne.com) and that inspired me a lot. Next to that, I find it also nice to tie Pike flies and all other kind of streamers.Kind regards and tight linesMartin Stout
Fly Fly Fly
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