Chris was born in Cheshire, England in 1957; where he still lives with his wife Pam, daughter Kathryn and a menagerie of animals. He was educated at Stockport Grammar School and studied business as Stockport College.

His family has a long tradition in fishing which can be traced back to the mid-nineteenth century. Both his Grandfather and Great Grandfather were well known and successful match fishermen. There are currently eight members of the family over three generations that fish. You could say that fishing was in the blood.

I started fishing in the mid 1960’s using an old 14ft split cane rod (one of my Grandfather’s old custom built match rods) and a wooden centre pin reel. From there I progressed to the specimen hunting scene fishing for big Carp, Tench, Pike and Chub. I took up fly fishing to fill in the three month close season. I became totally fascinated with it and it has now virtually taken over all of my fishing time.

My father originally taught me fly tying, learning how to tie the traditional patterns, something I still love doing when the opportunity arises. I continued to extend my knowledge and improve my technique by replicating patterns from books, magazines, videos and watching other tyers at various shows. I then started to experiment with my own ideas and was encouraged to start demonstrating.

Chris has been demonstrating fly tying and running workshops for over twenty five years and is a familiar figure on the UK fly tying circuit. He has had some of his work published, twice appeared on the fishing programme on BBC Radio Lancashire and on the Tight Lines fishing programme on Sky TV. Ten of his flies are on display in the Catskill Fly Fishing Museum in the States. Chris has also demonstrated fly tying and conducted workshops in Ireland, Holland, Kenya and America.

He is a member of the Fly Dressers Guild and is currently acting in a consultative on their Fly Tying Award Scheme. He is a life member of and bailiff for the Prince Albert Angling Society. Chris is Pro-team member for Grip Hooks, Hemingway’s and The Flymen Fishing Company. In 2012 he won the Salmon and Sea Trout round and was commended in Trout and Grayling round of the Bug-Bond Fly Tying Challenge.

Over the years I have had the immense privilege of tying with some of the world’s leading fly tyers and am lucky enough to be part of the worldwide ‘fly tying and fly fishing family’. I enjoy tying all types of flies, specialising in Trout, Grayling and Pike.

I have a huge passion for both fly tying and fly fishing. I never stop learning and am always eager to embrace new innovations and techniques. I also get an enormous buzz out of sharing the knowledge that I have gained over the years with fellow fly tyers and fly fishermen.

My golden rule is to tie flies to catch fish and not fishermen, making them as durable as the materials used will allow. I also consider that the simpler a fly is, the cleverer it is – leave out any materials or techniques that don’t increase your catch rate; size, shape, configuration, depth in the water column, movement and colour all being important considerations. Fly fishing is the most exciting form of fishing and to catch fish on flies that you have tied, or possibly even designed yourself is the ultimate thrill!!

I am greatly looking forward to meeting up with friends, both old and new, at the fair.

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