• The Potteries Fly Tying Club will be co-ordinating the Bring and Buy Event again this year on their stand within the Retail Hall this year.Visitors to the B.F.F.I. will be able to bring with them quality items of fishing tackle that they no longer have a use for and these should be in a presentable condition. Small items of fishing tackle will not be accepted unless they are part of a ‘boxed lot’, again these should be quality items.

    On presentation of the item(s) of tackle at the P.F.T.C. stand, the owner will be charged £2.00/item to add their sale items to the register. This charge will be refunded on the sale of the item

    The owner will be issued with a unique number tag for the item, plus a ticket for them to reclaim their items at the end of the day in the event of them being unsold.

    The owner will enter details of what the item is, and the price they expect to achieve.

    A signature by the owner agrees to 10% being deducted from the final price towards administration costs. The signee also agrees that the P.F.T.C. are not held responsible for any theft/damage that may occur.

    The owner will be able to return to the P.F.T.C. stand at the end of the day, produce their unique number tag, and walk away with a smile and cash, or in the event of their item(s) being unsold they will be able to reclaim them.

    Any unclaimed items at the close of the show will be disposed of at the discretion of P.F.T.C.

    For notification of intent to submit items to this ‘Bring and Buy Event’ contact: paul.deaville@flyman.plus.com

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