My name is Bjarne Laursen and im born in ’75, in Denmark. I have been fishing all my life, or at least the part I can remember. Fly fishing I did pick up some time later, and I have been tying my own flies since ’95, on a more regular basis. Did some some tying for shops in a few years, but if left me with to little time to tie for my self and experiment with new flies and materials.

I tie all sorts of flies, but its salmon and sea trout flies I do most. Both for freshwater and saltwater. I’m always trying to get my flies to fit the water I’m fishing, saltwater imitate the prey of my targeted fish, and freshwater to swim in the best possible way to trick the fish. My flies is a big mix of different schools of tying, from classic Spey and Dee flies to modern flies with zonkers, some with big leads to steelhead flies and everything in between.

At the fair I’m going to tie zonkers and flies with inspiration from the Pacific coast for streams, and some flies for saltwater fishing after sea trout and bass.

If u got any questions don’t be shy to mail me on, or stop by at the show to take a closer look..

Fly Fly Fly
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