My name André Miegies, I‘m 47 years and live together with my lovely wife Wilma in a small town called Soest, situated in the center of Holland, close to the big rivers and lakes.
For me fishing is a way of life, for the last 30 years I fished only with the flyrod for pike, perch, bream, roach, Ide and rudd.
Outside the Netherlands I fish mostly for grayling and trout. In my vacation I go to Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Every year I also make a trip to Scotland, fishing for salmon. Flytying is something I enjoy even more! Most of my tyings are fishing flies but I also tie classic salmon flies and pike streamers. Working with different kinds of material and create something you can fool a fish with feels great !!
I have been tying on the BFFI for a few times and I really enjoy it, great show, great people, so hope to see you there.
For contact: or visit my website

Andre Miegies


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