The dust has now settled on BFFI 2014 and overall we were very pleased with the outcome. The major factor was the change in the date of the show from June to February. This resulted as expected in an increase in visitor numbers with associated benefits for our exhibitors and demonstrators alike. We must have been asked a thousand times why we opted for a June date in preference to an out of fishing season date – the answer is simple the only option we had initially was the June date and as soon as an alternative arose we jumped at it!

    An event on the scale of the BFFI does not just happen overnight and planning is already well under way for next years show. The show needs a reliable team just to make it happen. We must extend a big thank you to everyone involved (all of whom are friends and family) – this includes the team who set up the show, the lads who check wristbands and provide overnight security, the girls on the door, Ian Fazakerley who runs the website and co-ordinates the theatres at the show and especially the BFFI babes who look after our demonstrators and my mum who prepares the demonstrators butties!

    Thank you to our sponsors – Peter and Phil at Veniard’s, Mark and his team at Fly Fishing and Fly Tying, Charles at Right Angle Fishing and Christina at Chevron Hackles. Also thank you to all our exhibitors for putting on a great display of all things fly fishing.

    We also rely on our specialist demonstration team. Thanks to our casting co-ordinator Karl Humphries who did a great job with his AAPGAI team and was overwhelmed by the public response to the casting demonstrations. Thanks Crofty for the great entomology display and theatre presentation – you are a true expert in your field, Similarly we were blessed with the expertise of Luke Bannister with his rod building and furled leader demonstrations aided and abetted by Rod Dibble. Thanks to Charles Jardine for your artwork. Thanks to John Tyzack, John Pearson, Paul Gaskell and David Woolstoncroft-Dodds for your Fly Tying in Focus theatre presentations.

    Last but not least, it is the International Fly Tyers that make the BFFI unique, all of whom travel at their own expense to demonstrate at the show – massive thank you one and all. An extra thank you to Johan Klingberg, Johan Put, Hans Weilenmann, Stef Jones and Stack Scoville for your Fly Tying in Focus theatre presentations.

    Hope to see you at BFFI 2015

    Steve and Bridgette Cooper on behalf of the BFFI team

    …..and a little something from Chris Sandford
    Dear ‘Stuffers’,
    Thank you so much for your support in 2013. We only planned to shoot those four episodes but thanks to your support and the great reaction we’ve had at the various shows, we’ve decided to bring you another four episodes in 2014.
    In ‘Stuff 5’ I’ll show you our film of the British Fly Fair International. Recommend some handy aids to fly tying and then explain why I called my new fly ‘Bob’. Next I’ll describe how the ‘hair of the dog ‘can help your fishing, and finally I’ll introduce you to my ‘Supa-Dupa-Pupa’! Here’s the link… Enjoy…

    Very best regards….Chris

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